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1&1 Hosting – PLEASE HELP US

Dear 1&1 Support, this is in reference to Customer: 22894425
Email chain:  Re: C496835273 Re: Urgent help needed with ******.us

Preface: This is being written after a phone call where help was promised, but not delivered. And after an email where I gave full details and begged at the very top of the email for whoever was reading it to please read it completely, but it very obviously wasn’t and the answer we received was completely useless. I am at my wits end and completely frustrated with 1&1 Hosting at this point. Their lack of help is absurd.

The story:

This past Tuesday afternoon, Dec 9, 1&1 hosting suffered a frustrating DDoS attack that knocked its DNS servers offline. One of our clients called us saying his website was offline. I immediately saw that it was a DNS issue, since hosting is provided elsewhere and I could still reach it by modifying my hosts file to see that the site was still up, and by trying to query the 1&1 DNS servers manually I could see that they weren’t responding.

Before seeing that it was a DDoS causing the problems, I immediately logged into the Control Panel at 1&1 and changed the nameservers to a well trusted service elsewhere. Of course, I was well aware that this nameserver change may take time, 24-48 hours according to 1&1 … which is ridiculous but not the point of this story.

I also decided to make future matters easier by requesting a domain transfer to NameCheap, where I manage dozens and dozens of other domains. Their interface is much better than 1&1’s, and their support is fastastic.

What has happened since then?

Well the transfer is approved, but pending. Fine, I’m used to these things taking a few days. Still, 3 days of nothing is a little unusual.

So what’s the problem? Why am I begging for help?

Ever since this issue started, 1&1’s nameservers ns57.1and1.com and ns58.1and1.com have zero information for the domain in question. Why not? They had it before the DDoS, presumably things are fixed at this point and their nameservers can tell the world how to reach my client’s domain. Nope.

Even though I changed nameservers, this change hasn’t taken effect yet. This is over 48 hours ago. The new DNS service is populated with the right info, it’s sitting there just itching to be used. But the world doesn’t know about them yet because at 1&1 the nameservers are still listed as ns57.1and1.com and ns58.1and1.com … which are empty!!!!!

I called yesterday morning (Dec 11) and spoke to someone on the “DNS team” (so I was told). He said he understood the problem and would do something to fix it, which didn’t happen of course. Several hours later I send the following email, full of details, to 1&1 Support and received the following completely useless answer:

If you edit the dns and point it to other name servers this will take 24 to 48 hours for the propagation.We checked this domain name *****.us and the status still updating.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Adonis Garcia
Technical Support
1&1 Internet Limited

Thanks Adonis, for not bothering to read this email fully:

We initiated a domain transfer a few days ago and now our domain name is in limbo.


Dec 11 2014:  8:10 PM PST
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]

I beg you to please carefully read the information below so you can help properly. If you need clarification please email me back. I already spoke with someone on the phone 6 hours ago and nothing has been fixed.

1&1 is still the registrar, DNS is not visible from anywhere because your name servers are responding with “No answer”.

Whois still lists ns57.1and1.com and ns57.. as the nameservers, but I previously changed this to ns1.afraid.org ns2 ns3 etc…

Your ns58 and ns57 don’t even show any info for *****.us and you, as the registrar, still show these as the nameservers!

This is an urgent problem, this is a online sales website and we are losing money daily because of this.

Do any of these 3 things to help us immediately:

1 – Release the domain name as per the requested transfer so I can control DNS and nameservers through the new registrar. This process has already begun and approved, but nothing has happened yet from your end.


2 – Update ns58.1and1.com and ns57.1and1.com with this info:

A: @ 199.188.#.#
A: www 199.188.#.#
MX 10:  mx00.1and1.com


3- Change the nameservers properly to


Thank you!


DNS server handling your query: ns57.1and1.com
DNS server's address:	2001:8d8:fe:53:0:d9a0:52a8:100#53
 Non-authoritative answer:
 *** Can't find ****.us: No answer

Technical Contact Email: [email protected]
Name Server: NS57.1AND1.COM
Name Server: NS58.1AND1.COM
Created by Registrar: 1&1 INTERNET AG
Last Updated by Registrar: 1&1 INTERNET AG
Domain Registration Date: Thu Oct 08 10:10:55 GMT 2009
Domain Expiration Date: Wed Oct 07 23:59:59 GMT 2015
Domain Last Updated Date: Tue Dec 09 23:11:09 GMT 2014
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