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    The core of our business is to “Manage your IT and maximize its value,” allowing you to work productively and efficiently. Whether you use our Managed IT, Cloud Computing, or our Google Apps Services, our team are experts at making sure your computers and networks are running at their best.

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    +2 Million Businesses use Google Apps

    When we switch you to Google Apps, you get access to the world’s largest technology company for the fraction of the cost of a traditional IT infrastructure.

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    Whether you need traditional IT or new era cloud computing like Google Apps, we are your technology partner. We provide both on-site and remote IT support in the Greater Vancouver Area and remote support throughout North America.

Mismanaged IT = Lost Productivity

Small businesses report that mismanaged IT causes an average of over 50 hours of lost productivity per year, per employee. We can all but eliminate that problem. We guarantee 99% up time and quick response when there is a problem. Did you know? 95% of IT problems can be proactively addressed via remote administration before they turn […]


Quickoffice now free for all Google Apps users

Google Apps is smart for business

Google Apps is amazing. Email services that never die, everything is synced no matter if I’m at my desktop using a browser or Outlook, or my phone, or tablet, or using the browser on my friend’s TV. And on top of that there’s robust calendaring, contacts, website development and hosting, groups, on and on. But the killer app is Docs, which is now known as Drive.

Google Drive, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is two things:

1) the online equivalent of Microsoft Office, meaning Word and Excel and PowerPoint.

2) Online web-accessible storage for ANY files with an awesome desktop syncing tool. This means you can use Word and Excel on your desktop, save the files online, and access them from some other device. All without having to do annoying things like load up a website, hit file / upload / select like the olden days. Now you just save the file, the Google Drive app automatically sends a copy to your online Drive account and blammo, your file is accessible anywhere.

Plus you can store anything you want in there, like pictures and videos and whatever. The caveat was that Google Docs or Drive doesn’t let you edit native Office docs. Quickoffice does!

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