Official Google for Work Blog: Data security in 2014: Make it more difficult for others to attack and easier for you to protect

We know you want to be assured that your digital information is safe and available when you need it. The series of incidents that riddled 2014 showed why it is important to stay ahead of those ill-intentioned people targeting online information. We have taken clear steps to make our products more difficult to attack, and to make it easier for you to protect your data. Innovative security technology is necessary today, and making it easy to use is equally important. 

At Google, we take security very seriously and it's built into everything we do, from protecting our datacenters and your devices, to our partnership with the security community to stop bad actors on the web. 

This year we raised the bar even higher. We created new security teams, our engineers discovered and helped fixvulnerabilities like Heartbleed and Poodle, and we took a series of concrete steps that will increase the security of our customers’ information:

In addition to these announcements, we offer strong contractual commitments to protect our customers’ information. We do not show advertisements or scan customer information for advertising in Google Apps for Work, Education, Government or Non-Profit, and we do not use data for any other purpose than to manage and deliver our services. These commitments are regularly verified by independent auditors, and this summer we published their detailed findings in our SOC3 security audit report. We also help our customers comply with their regulatory obligations, and we renewed and extended our ISO 27001 certification and certified our Cloud Platform to the PCI standard. We were excited to participate in the development of the new ISO 27018 privacy standard for cloud computing, and look forward to opportunities to engage in similar efforts in the future. 

Next year, the bad guys will keep all of us on our toes as we expect the number of threats and their sophistication to increase. We will keep raising the bar — for example we have been working to improve passwords with the new Smart Lock for Android feature, and developing identification technology that makes typing-in complex Captchas obsolete. As we enter 2015, you can expect our continued investment in security and a guarantee that we will continue to find ways to make it simple for people to use our services in a secure and transparent manner.