Remember the Good Old Days of Viruses

3 easy tips to stay computer virus free

You're saying to yourself "What do you mean, the Good Old Days, our computers were infected last week!"

If that's you, give us a call. Serious. Our clients just don't get infections. Yeah we're good!

The last time we saw actual real infections in the wild was wayyyy back in the day, thankfully kept copies. We've been playing with these all afternoon.

By the way, curious about how we keep our clients infection free? Here are 3 tips to stay computer virus free!

  1. Never do your daily computer things using an administrator account. Drop down to regular User, switch to an admin account only when you need it.
  2. Use a browser with ad-blocking extensions loaded. We prefer Chrome, but Firefox works well too. At minimum use uBlock.
  3. Use a really good email system, one that actually proactively blocks nasty emails. Google for Work is amazing at this.