5-Minute Tech Tip: Send very large attachments with GMAIL and Google for Work

We hear lots of stories from companies frustrated with the limit on the size of attachments they can send with email. 

With Gmail and Google for Work, you can attach files up to 25 MB in size and for most companies that is totally enough.

But what if you need to add much larger files, such as videos and design files? Anita will tell you that when she has to send PDF proofs to some clients, she needs to send really big files - like REALLY big. 

Use Google Drive to Send Large Attachment

Rather than using an additional service, like DropBox (Which we love also BTW) you can send files up to 30 GB (or 30 TB with a storage plan) along with your emails by inserting Google Drive files instead of attachments. 

Don’t worry about checking if you’ve already shared files with the people you’re messaging. If the recipients don’t have access, Gmail lets you know, and you can grant access with a single click before sending.

Steps to insert Drive files in your email messages using the webmail interface:

  1. In Drive, click NEW and upload or create your file.
  2. In Gmail, click COMPOSE.
  3. In the Compose toolbar, click  and choose your file.
  4. Click Insert.
  5. When your message is ready, click Send.

Using Outlook and other email programs

Don't want to use the webmail interface? Love Outlook? You can still send links to your Google Drive Files

  1. In Drive, find the file you want to share
  2. Right Click and choose Get Link
  3. Add that link to your email in Outlook

Note: you may have to check your sharing settings for that file before you send it. In the web interface, Gmail will tell you if the file you are sending is or is not shared with the person you are contacting. That won't happen with Outlook so check and change your sharing settings before you grab the link.