Work Faster: 5 Keyboard Shortcut Keys for your PC

5 Keyboard Shortcuts for your PC

Most of our customers spend more than 6 hours a day sitting in front of a computer.

Over the years we've learned to use keyboard shortcuts to help speed up our work and make navigating our work day a bit easier. Hey - if it can help you shave time off your day and lower your overall frustration level, it's a win. 

Here are 5 keyboard shortcuts for your PC

1) Delete Forever

This is perfect when you know for sure, that's 100% sure, that you can delete a file forever rather than sending it to the trash - where later you will agonize over whether or not you really can delete it. 



2) Close Browser

Need to close your browser in a hurry so your co-worker doesn't see you browsing gossip mags? 

ALT + F4


3) Show Desktop

If you want to quickly access your desktop, without having to minimize a bunch of windows, this tip is for you. Also see #2



4) Find Files Quickly

Need to search all your files to find something? Use this shortcut to quickly open a search that will ease your pain. 



5) Switch Between Open Programs

I personally love this shortcut. I always have a million things open at once. This tip helps you navigate between open programs easily.