Quickoffice now free for all Google Apps users

Google Apps is smart for business

Google Apps is amazing. Email services that never die, everything is synced no matter if I’m at my desktop using a browser or Outlook, or my phone, or tablet, or using the browser on my friend’s TV. And on top of that there’s robust calendaring, contacts, website development and hosting, groups, on and on. But the killer app is Docs, which is now known as Drive.

Google Drive, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is two things:

1) the online equivalent of Microsoft Office, meaning Word and Excel and PowerPoint.

2) Online web-accessible storage for ANY files with an awesome desktop syncing tool. This means you can use Word and Excel on your desktop, save the files online, and access them from some other device. All without having to do annoying things like load up a website, hit file / upload / select like the olden days. Now you just save the file, the Google Drive app automatically sends a copy to your online Drive account and blammo, your file is accessible anywhere.

Plus you can store anything you want in there, like pictures and videos and whatever. The caveat was that Google Docs or Drive doesn’t let you edit native Office docs. Quickoffice does!

What is Quickoffice?

Quickoffice started as a smartphone app that let you create and edit Microsoft docs. Cool, but slightly more expensive than other apps (around $15, not a bank buster, but in a world of $0.99 and completely free mega apps it was out of the range of “well I’ll buy it just for kicks”)

Quickoffice is now free for Google Apps Users

Google bought Quickoffice a little while ago, and now they’ve released it for free to Google Apps users. We could already create and edit Google Docs on our smartphones, but editing Microsoft Office on top of that? Awesome.

Start here: http://www.quickoffice.com/

It’s FREE for both Androids and iThings, so hit up your usual store and look for it.

For Android, go to the Play market and do a search for “quickoffice”.

Or click this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.quickoffice.android&feature=search_result

I won’t get into a gazillion details, this isn’t a tutorial, but here are the screenshots so you have an idea of what it looks like:

Quickoffice 01 - Google Play


Quickoffice 02 - Sign In


Quickoffice 03 - Terms

Quickoffice 04 - Main Screen

Quickoffice 05 - File Manager



Once you’ve found your file, open it to get to work:


Quickoffice 06 - File Found


Quickoffice 07 - Opening File




File sharing:


Quickoffice 08 - Sharing File


Quickoffice 09 - Editing File



Everything you need to do:


Quickoffice 10 - Editing File


Quickoffice 11 - Editing File



Add stuff, change fonts, copy / paste, you name it:


Quickoffice 12 - Editing File


Quickoffice 13 - Editing File




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