Chrome is our web browser of choice.

Chrome is very fast, very secure, and can follow you wherever you go when you sign in using a Google account.

This is super handy. When we fire up our laptops on the road, any new bookmarks we made while in the office show up instantly. Any settings or new extensions are also copied automatically.

Because we manage dozens of Google for Work accounts for clients, I have dozens of Google accounts. Rather than sign in and out of these all day long, I use Chrome's account switcher.

Here's what you need to do to effectively use chrome to manage your accounts:


 If you don't have Chrome on your PC or Mac or iPhone or iPad or Android phone or tablet, go here to get it:

Set Up Chrome


If you already have Chrome, you may already be logged in. Take a look in the top-right of the Chrome window, do you see a "Person 1" or maybe your name there? It'll look like this:

 Three signs point to Yes, I Am Signed In.

Three signs point to Yes, I Am Signed In.

What you want to do now is sign in with a second account (or third or fourth and so on). Just click on your account tab and a menu will pop up. Select Switch person, then follow the prompts to sign in with the next account in your arsenal.

To switch between accounts, either right-click on the user tab or click and select Switch person.