Headquartered in the Tri Cities, British Columbia, Technica Systems provides IT Services to companies with 5+ desktops.

Technology should be your competitive advantage. Systems that are out-of-date, slow and break, decrease productivity and lower your bottom line. The core of our business is to “Manage your IT and maximize its value,” allowing you to work productively and efficiently.  Whether you use our IT ServicesCloud Computing, or our Google for Work services, our team are experts at making sure your computers and networks are running at their best.

Whether you need traditional IT or new era cloud computing like Google Apps for Work, we are your technology partner.


Ensuring your systems are up and running + helping you manage your IT needs now and in the future. 


Want to move to the cloud? Not sure if that is the best strategic move? Want to know your options?


for WORK

Go Google. Get the power of the world's best, most reliable business software for your team. 

Meet the Petersens


ANITA PETERSEN (web design + customer service) created her first sales campaign for a lemonade stand outside her childhood home. If she invested the money in Apple rather than art supplies, she would be living in Paris today. Her lifelong obsession with art and creativity led to a degree in Fine Art + post grad work in PR and Marketing. She manages websites and e-marketing programs for clients locally, in Vermont, Oklahoma, California and overseas. Anita takes care of customer service, website design and communications. Ask her about the best cloud-based solutions to make your marketing programs shine.


JENS PETERSEN (computers and networks)  wrote and sold video games for the Apple II and Commodore 64 computers when he was 13.  One game was sold internationally through Rainbow Magazine, and Jens soon found himself taking calls from people around the world who needed help. What transpired was a lifelong commitment to helping others get what they need from what they have. His unyielding thirst to learn every facet of computing technology since they entered our homes and businesses has translated into a rare insight and instinct for what works and how it can be used. From small scale implementations to enterprise level solutions, Jens has done it all. 


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